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The Double Life of a London Escort

I am a very private person due to my work commitments and personal life, however through high demand. I thought I would finally start my first blog by giving you a sense of who I am and why I have chosen this secret life of debauchery and lavishness. As a lot of people who know me personally or whom have met me on dates, are very shocked about this secret life I hold of seductiveness in the dark shadows of London. As I travel to and from dates, invisible through the beautiful mayhem that is London. I feel the shock regarding this is because I am not the stereotypical escort, if you care to find out.

I am very dedicated to my education and career, I am lucky enough to have been raised in a privileged family. I went to a private girls school and was always an excellent student. I then went onto a various different forms of work such as legal, secretarial positions until I found my current interest and love of working with vulnerable people in the field of nursing. I find my day job really satisfies my needs to feel like a valued member or society, where I can give something back. I also have a great interest in human behaviour and reading around mental well-being, psychology and sociology. 

A few years ago, I found myself not feeling completely satisfied sexually, as I felt the strong desire to be naughty.This is when I came across an agency called Elite Courtesans and later became an independent escort in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff. I felt I had finally found my perfect vice to fulfil all my desires, the need to be rebellious and feed my sexual appetite for excitement of meeting new people and also feeling new energy and affection for people. 

I can never forget my first date, this was an overnight with someone who would refer to themselves as a ‘regular’. This man was such a gentlemen who lavished me with gifts and was so attentive to my needs as I was him. I was so nervous prior to this booking but also very excited to meet and learn about someone new. I feel as though I can see the beauty in everyone I have met, feelings that every moment is so precious and every interaction should be relaxed. My dates are filled with humour, sensualness, kinky and emotive feelings. I am very lucky to say that I have never walked away from a date unhappy, as it fulfils so many of my needs for my mind, body and soul. 

I welcome the return to my day job the following day, which I feel can be relentless at times , during the standard Monday to Friday 9-5. I feel I would not be able to do my day job, without this risqué side of me being satisfied. I feel rebellious to society and empowered about doing something that I love and that makes me proud to be an Indie Collective member. The excitement of working with civilians that would have no idea what I do in the evenings and the thrill of this turns me on so much. My discreetness and needs for fun and excitement are very much balanced in my life. London is a vibrant culturally diverse city that makes me so electrified in the evening, as dates can range from dinner dates to short breaks, I adore the bright city lights and the feeling of gratification that runs through me, as I slowly pull up my sheer lace stockings in the hotel or apartment and embrace every moment with my date to expand my knowledge of self,  intimacy and affection.  

Love Rachel xx

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  1. kk says:

    Nice story Rachel. Seems like nice & pretty chick!

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